• Schedule daily/weekly screen time limits for each family device

  • Lock all family devices instantly

  • Track your child's location (for iOS & Android child devices only)

  • Review 4 weeks of Internet browsing history

  • Block websites by category for internet filtering

  • Manage & monitor all family devices from one parent app or web dashboard

  • Allow or block social media apps & games

  • Allow or block video streaming apps and sites

  • Invite another user to view reports

  • Instantly approve/reject your kids' override requests.

Easy 3-Step Setup

  • Download

    Download the app on all family devices

  • Sign up

    Sign up as parent on parent device and scan to add child devices

  • Customise

    Customise settings and monitor on the go!

Internet Filter for Android

Mobicip's smart internet filter sorts through explicit content, forces YouTube restricted mode through a browser, and allows for safe search to be locked on Safari, Chrome or any other browser on your child's Android device. Our advanced content filter for Android scans websites in real-time, allowing children to access only age-appropriate content. You can block individual websites and content categories (e.g., gambling, violence, adult, etc.) from your Mobicip dashboard to provide a safe, educational & healthy online experience for your family at all times.

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Internet Safety

Limit Android Screen Time

Schedule healthy screen time restrictions on your kid's Android device, and prevent digital addiction. Mobicip’s screen time limits for Android block internet and apps on Android devices at scheduled hours to enforce homework time, dinner time, bed time or family time. Kids can now concentrate on their homework without being distracted by their Android phones or tablets and enjoy sound sleep during night hours without glowing screens. Parents can set recurring daily/weekly screen time schedules, and instantly lock all family devices during family time or dinner time. Parents and kids can still call each other when the devices are locked down.

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Android Screen Time Limits

Common Sense Media reports that teens are spending more than one-third of their day using media such as online video or music — nearly nine hours on average. More than 50% check their mobile phones after they've gone to bed!

App Blocker Android

Block dangerous and inappropriate social media apps and games on Android phones and tablets. Regulate the use of social media apps like Snapchat & Instagram based on your child's age. Restrict inappropriate or distracting apps & games with the Mobicip app blocker, while allowing access to apps that help your kids learn and grow. Mobicip’s adaptive app blocker for Android allows parents to block individual apps with great ease. You can also block unsafe apps even before your kids try to download them.

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Restrict Apps & Games

Pro Tip - Learn how to block YouTube or set YouTube parental controls on Android smartphones or tablets.

Track Location for Android

Tired of calling your kids to find out where they are? Worried about your children when they are out late? Quickly locate your children’s Android devices with Mobicip's Android location tracker. Mobicip’s location tracker is the most accurate way for parents to know where your kids are at any given moment. Check in on their location any time from anywhere. Keep an eye on your kids by viewing their location details on a map at a glance and enjoy peace of mind. You can also use this feature to locate lost or stolen Android phones or tablets.

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Instantly Locate Loved Ones

Android Monitoring App

Mobicip’s Android monitoring app allows parents to view your kids’ online activities and make sure they use it responsibly. With the Mobicip dashboard, you can view browsing history, videos watched & recently installed apps on your children’s Android devices. Monitor your child’s Android phone or tablet any time & view online activity on the go. Receive weekly or daily email reports to spot internet safety threats. Remotely manage your child’s Android phone or tablet from any parent device or computer. Check on all your family devices through an intuitive dashboard 24x7 (on the app and the web).

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Instantly Locate Loved Ones

Video Tutorials

* Some of these videos may be outdated. We are working on new tutorials.

Setup as Parent App on Android

Setup as Child Device on Android

Configure Mobicip's Parental Controls

Commonly asked Android questions

  • Why is Mobicip the best parental control solution for Android devices?

    Mobicip’s real-time content filtering is one of the smartest & most robust internet filters available in the market today. Several independent 3rd party assessments have repeatedly shown how Mobicip is way ahead of peers with respect to its filtering technology. Keeping the modern multi-device family in mind, Mobicip is available on a wide range of operating systems & platforms. Parents can set up Mobicip on any combination of family devices involving iPhones, iPads, Android phones or tablets, Kindle Fire, Mac, Windows devices and Chromebooks. Mobicip takes child data privacy very seriously and is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”).

  • Can Mobicip filter videos on the YouTube app on Android phones & tablets?

    The latest version of Mobicip works using VPN, and so is now able to filter the native YouTube app. However due to restrictions set by Google & YouTube, 3rd-party parental control apps like Mobicip will not be able to filter videos on the YouTube app for devices running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or higher versions (Oreo, Pie & Android 10). But Mobicip's parental controls for YouTube can still filter videos when accessed through a browser. All you need to do is block access to the native YouTube app to ensure that YouTube can be accessed only on a browser. Mobicip filters YouTube by reviewing the title, description, comments and other meta information associated with each video. Mobicip’s rich reporting feature also allows parents to view the list of videos watched by their kids!

  • Can my child uninstall Mobicip from Android devices?

    When installed as recommended, it will be impossible for kids to uninstall or disable Mobicip’s Android parental controls. During setup parents are asked to grant Mobicip access to certain permissions (Device Admin & Accessibility Services); when setup correctly in this manner, children will not be able to uninstall Mobicip from their Android phone or tablet. If those permissions aren’t granted to Mobicip, kids might be able to uninstall or disable Mobicip; but parents will still be notified immediately, allowing them to be one step ahead of their tech-savvy kids.

  • Can I monitor my child’s Android phone or tablet from my iPhone or iPad?

    Yes, you can. First, set up Mobicip in Parent Mode on your iPhone or iPad, then set up Mobicip in Child Mode on your child’s Android phone or tablet. With Mobicip, parents can monitor their child’s Android phone/tablet, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows device or Chromebook from any device of their choice.

  • Can I block apps on my child’s Android device?

    Yes, absolutely. Parents can select apps to block on the parent app. If your child still goes ahead and clicks on the blocked app, a custom block-page will be displayed on the Android screen.

  • Can I limit screen time on my child’s Android device?

    Once under screen time limits, your kid's Android device is completely unusable. Your child will only see a custom block screen after unlocking the Android device.